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Vol 6 No 1 (2020): Al-Fikr
Published: 2020-08-01


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ISSN (Print): 2088-690X; ISSN (Online): 2716-3717 : Al-Fikr's journal focuses on Discourse the world of Islamic education that includes issues of thinking Islamic education figures, management of Islamic educational institutions, methods of teaching Islam and other things that are considered important to be known to the public. The journal is published twice a year, which is in June and December after the admission selection for 2 (two) months in advance. Al-Fikr Journal was first published in 2015 and still exists. The orientation of the Al-Fikr journal is to be an attraction in publishing the results of the research of Islamic education in general.

The Journal is a national-scale journal with specific issues about the world of Islamic education. This journal is thematic to raise the problem of formal, nonformal and informal Islamic education including:
• Islamic Education Management
• Islamic Education Curriculum
• Islamic Teaching Methods
• Islamic Educational Figures
• History of Islamic Education


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